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Open the garage door, bring the vehicle inside, connect it to the laptop: the silver Chrysler is a routine case for Gary Chopp. His computer quickly announces: ignition system check. “This device saves me an enormous amount of time. And time is money,” states the 28-year-old mechanic to the point. The more maintenance orders he works through a month, the more he earns—everyday life in an American repair shop. Gary therefore paid for a MAHLE TechPRO® diagnostic system out of his own pocket. For this is also customary in the U.S. repair shops: the mechanics bring some of their own equipment to work. “All in all, this amounts to an investment of several thousand dollars,” he reports.

At his place of work in the Farmington garage, located in front of the gates of the motor city of Detroit, Chopp works on models from various brands. “I therefore need a diagnostic system that can help me with all kinds of cars,” he emphasizes. “And that is what makes the MAHLE system unique. It finds defects fast and reliably— no matter which vehicle is on the lifting platform,” the young mechanic nods with satisfaction. His boss Andy Massoll agrees with him. He himself has bought additional equipment from the MAHLE diagnostic family. “These devices are playing an increasingly important role in our business,” stresses Massoll.


"The MAHLE system enables us to service a wide range of vehicles."

Andy Massoll owner of Farmington Garage, Detroit


When his father founded the company in 1980, electronic helpers were still the absolute exception in the repair shop business. “Today, they are indispensable,” says the garage boss. “We are all the more dependent on reliable systems.” Most customers are unaware of this fundamental change in repair shops: “The majority of them are only interested in getting their car running again. They have no idea what kind of complex technology is meanwhile involved.” Repair shop owner Massoll found out about the MAHLE solutions through his trade association, where these systems were being praised as a useful aid. Today he knows: “I made the right decision with the MAHLE diagnostic system. Because it has enabled us to service a wide range of vehicles.”

Andreas Huber, who is responsible for MAHLE Service Solutions in North America, is delighted to hear such praise from the Farmington garage. “It shows us that we are on the right track.” The MAHLE Aftermarket operating he is in charge of may still be young, but there is no mistaking that it has a great deal of potential. It came into being through the takeover of RTI’s service business in 2013. The company already had a strong position in North America; MAHLE Service Solutions can thus ultimately look back on a quarter of a century’s experience. “Now we want to offer more solutions to repair shops,” says Huber. One of the best sales arguments for this is the fact that major North American manufacturers also use the same systems to check their new cars before they are shipped to the customer. “You won’t get a bigger vote of confidence than that,” says Huber. “In the repair shops, not many associate diagnostic competence with MAHLE yet. We want to change that.”

However, the experts at the car manufacturers— especially in the USA—are already very aware of the accuracy, performance, and ease of use of the MAHLE. Kia is just one of the manufacturers who trust in the “Made by MAHLE” software competence. In Irvine, a good hour’s drive south of Los Angeles, maintenance processes are tested for new vehicle models. In the process, the A/C service diagnostic tool ArcticPRO® from MAHLE is used. “Modern refrigerants are very expensive. Exact dosing and complete recuperation are therefore crucial,” says Mohan Sethi, who supports Kia Motors in California on behalf of MAHLE. “We were the only company that could offer the solution our customers wanted,” he adds proudly.

Andreas Huber, MAHLE Service Solutions

“We were the only company that could offer the solution our customers wanted”

Andreas Huber, MAHLE Service Solutions


The MAHLE system independently recognizes the various vehicle models and thus automatically knows exactly how much of the expensive refrigerant is required. It also complies with the stringent legal requirements of the U.S. authorities. “The Kia ACX 1299 is a state of the art and easy to use air conditioning diagnostic tool. The ACX Mobile application further helps with the technician’s convenience and efficiency. What’s more, we can also integrate the solution in to our warranty system,” explains Kia Manager Lewis Thompson. The Korean manufacturer’s service department is testing how the maintenance work on new models can be handled more efficiently and with industry compliance. These lessons learned will then be passed on to their dealerships throughout the USA. “However, these findings are also very important for automobile manufacturers in order for them to boost customer satisfaction and forecast the scope of work, particularly when it falls within the warranty period,” explains Mohan Sethi.

"We were the only ones who had a solution as requested by customers."

Mohan Sethi MAHLE Service Solutions, California

Word about the success of the MAHLE diagnostic systems in North America is also spreading to Europe. The MAHLE operating line is enjoying the growing popularity. “Customers appreciate that we can quickly tailor our solution to their specific needs,” stresses Erkan Dokuz, who is pressing ahead with MAHLE Service Solutions’ establishment in Europe. “We want to play our part in making work in the repair shops run more efficiently,” he adds. The operating line may still be young, but the industry is already talking about it a lot. “We are highly enthusiastic because the increasing recognition among our customers is inspiring us. “The intuitive and easy operation of our systems is being praised time and again,” says Dokuz happily.

He no longer needs to convince Andy Massoll and Gary Chopp. The garage boss in Farmington, who has three businesses with more than 30 employees, has long noted that rapid order processing makes the customer happy and reduces costs: “I am therefore thinking about investing even more in diagnostic equipment in future, instead of leaving the employees to come up with their own financial resources.”

Farmington Garage Mr. Gary Chopp